Moon Token

Also known as
Digital asset type
Developed by software engineering studio, Moon promotes itself as the first “interplanetary metaverse.”


Moon NFT-centric metaverse should be considered a multi-product blockchain-based gaming environment. First of all, it includes 26,000 virtual land plots covering the entire terrain of Earth’s only satellite. Every plot is minted as a non-fungible token or NFT. They can be stored, exchanged, traded and collateralized just like ordinary cryptocurrency tokens. The core native asset of the ecosystem, Moon Token (MON), is accepted by the project’s economy as its main payment method. Then, users are invited to explore the moon’s surface and build a new civilization from scratch. For instance, blockchain enthusiasts can open mines and businesses, develop real estate and infrastructure and even create and administer new nation-states, i.e., “Moon Countries. To govern a new civilization, creators can establish all necessary political and economic structures known to the modern world.

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