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KANDO id: 4165504

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Lithium Finance
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Blockchain data oracle


Lithium Finance’s Pricing Oracle is a collective-intelligence version of platforms like PitchBook and Crunchbase, powered by cryptocurrency incentives which leverage the immutability of Ethereum’s global asset rails for reliable delivery of quality information. In addition, the participating oracles develop a reputation which enhances their earning potential and rewards increasingly accurate information.

Lithium Finance leverages a convergence of multiple growth areas:

● Globally available asset rails on which any expert anywhere can stake and receive rewards.

● Immutable blockchains store permanent records of previous transactions for reputation. ● Experts can come from anywhere with only a smartphone required.

● Advances in cryptography and information theory that enable sourcing of information with minimal knowledge of its quality, other than the answer itself. i.e. no requirement for expert certification, source verification, etc dramatically reduces cost and opens access. Reputation is additive, not required.

● We attract users by creating market-based incentives to source data for the network and create value: we are fundamentally addressing information asymmetry in the private markets

Funding rounds

Seed USD 5,000,000

USD 5,000,000 ( )

Profile Country Notes
#Hashed Initial investment. Led the round. (Joint Lead Investor)
Pantera Capital Management LP Investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. Initial investment. Led the round. (Joint Lead Investor)
Alameda Research Initial investment. (First Time Investor)
Block Dream Fund Initial investment. (First Time Investor)
GBV Capital Initial investment. (First Time Investor)
Huobi Capital Initial investment. (First Time Investor)
LongHash Ventures Initial investment. (First Time Investor)
NGC Ventures Initial investment. (First Time Investor)
ZBS Capital Initial investment. (First Time Investor)

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