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Multi-chain smart contract platform that extends the frontier of Ethereum using the Substrate framework.


ParaState has officially launched its public testnet, Plato, currently running as a standalone Substrate blockchain. Plato is the first production-ready public testnet featuring both EVM and EWASM. By supporting 20+ programming languages to create Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, ParaState is uniting a larger developer community to boost cross-chain interoperability and enabling them to surf in the highly optimized industrial standard infrastructure while exploring brand new possibilities at the Ethereum frontier. ParaState is prioritizing and emphasizing fast execution and delivery of novel research on production while committing to radical transparency and open-source values on our development journey.

Funding rounds

Venture USD 5,000,000

USD 5,000,000 ( )
Proceeds from the round to be used to expand the ParaState development and the incubation of leading decentralized finance projects.

Profile Country Notes
KNS Group (KNS Asia Holdings Pte Ltd) Initial investment. Led the round.
1Cap Initial investment.
4SV Four Seasons Ventures Initial investment.
AKG Ventures Initial investment.
Alameda Research Initial investment.
Bixin Ventures Initial investment.
Blocksync Ventures Initial investment.
Chronos Ventures Private investment fund focused on early stage investments in blockchain, DeFi and NFT projects. Initial investment.
DAO Maker Developer of governance tech, data-supported funding, and institutional onchain products. Initial investment.
Divergence Digital Currency LP (Divergence Digital Currency Fund), (DDC) Venture fund that invests in cryptoassets and associated early-stage projects leveraging distributed ledger and related technologies. Initial investment.
DuckDAO Decentralised Defi VC. Initial investment.
Existential Capital (Exstvc) Initial investment.
Gains Associates Initial investment.
Gate.io Cryptocurrency exchange. Initial investment.
Genblock Capital Initial investment.
Genesis Block Capital Cryptocurrency investment firm. Initial investment.
GFS Ventures (Golden Finance Solution Ventures) Venture capital in Vietnam, collection of investment funds, and the largest private corporations with influences in the Blockchain industry. Initial investment.
Hyperchain Capital Digital assets management company focused on Blockchain based projects and decentralized protocols. Initial investment.
Inclusion Capital Crypto hedge fund focused to incubate and invest in growing crypto and blockchain startups. Initial investment.
Lotus Capital Crypto fund in the Middle East. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
YBB Foundation Ltd Venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain projects. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
CMS Holdings LLC Initial investment.
SevenX Ventures Initial investment.

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Active investor

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