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Drivewealth Holdings Inc N/A Initial investment
Infrascale Inc Comprehensive, cloud-based data protection by delivering industry-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions. N/A Initial investment
MoneyFarm Digital wealth management company. N/A Initial investment
Payzer LLC (Payzerware) All-in-one management tool that helps contractors grow and manage their businesses. N/A Initial investment
Qwil PBC (Qwil) Instant pay for independent contractors. Debt led the round
Ripple Labs Inc Provider of financial settlement solutions. Series A Pascal Bouvier
Simplesurance GmbH (Schutzklick) Simplesurance's platform allows cross selling of product insurance directly at the point of sale in EU. N/A Initial investment
Social Finance Inc (SoFi) Lending platform that helps people reach financial independence. N/A Initial investment
Tandem Bank Ltd Digital retail bank. N/A Initial investment
Till Inc Personalized lease and payment structures that improve a renters ability to pay rent based on the renter’s cash flow. N/A Initial investment
Trusted Insight Inc (TrustedInsight) N/A Initial investment
Vemo Education Inc Helping schools through smarter enrollment management, robust student support, and trusted guidance. N/A Initial investment
8 Securities Asia’s first private social network, global trading engine, and automated wealth management platform for consumers. N/A Initial investment Exited (Trade sale)
CoverHound Inc Insurance ad platform. N/A Initial investment Exited
D3 Technology Inc (D3 Banking Technology) Digital banking platform. N/A Initial investment Exited (Trade sale)
Motionsoft Inc Provider of fitness, gym, and recreation club management and marketing software solutions. N/A Initial investment Exited
Moven New type of bank account. N/A Initial investment Exited
Quantemplate Series A Initial investment Exited
Sciuridae Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH (Vaamo) Next generation automated online investment platform in Germany. N/A Initial investment Exited

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