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Early-stage crypto and blockchain venture capital firm.


We make long-term bets on early developer teams building towards an open, decentralized and more robust architecture of tomorrow’s web.

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1inch (1INCH) N/A Initial investment
Arweave (AR) Protocol that enables document and application storage forever. N/A Initial investment
Celo Foundation Open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. N/A Initial investment
Dapper Labs (Cryptokitties) The company behind CryptoKitties and the Flow blockchain as well as titles like NBA Top Shot. N/A Initial investment
Flux Token (FLX) N/A Initial investment
Idle Decentralized rebalancing protocol that allows users to automatically and algorithmically manage their digital asset allocation among DeFi protocols. N/A Initial investment
Liquity Decentralized borrowing protocol that offers interest-free liquidity against ETH as collateral. Series A Initial investment
Multis Crypto-first business banking platform. N/A Initial investment
NEAR Foundation Open source platform that enables creators, communities, and markets to drive a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world. N/A Initial investment
Nym Technologies Anonymous overlay network that provides strong network-level anonymity. N/A Initial investment
Sovryn The first Bitcoin-native DeFi platform that allows users to trade and lend Bitcoin in a non-custodial, permissionless and censorship-restitant manner. N/A Initial investment
Spacemesh Programmable cryptocurrency with a fair distribution and low barriers to entry. N/A Initial investment
StakeWise Labs Liquid ETH2 staking protocol with a unique token model that is focused on unlocking more profitable and gas-efficient staking for its users. N/A Initial investment
Vega Protocol Protocol for creating and trading derivatives on a fully decentralized network. N/A Initial investment

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