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Venture capital firm focused on blockchain and crypto startups.

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Profile Country Date Funding
Alpha Finance Lab N/A Initial investment
Dfinity Blockchain based world computer network. N/A Initial investment
dForce Integrated and interoperable open finance and monetary protocol matrix covering asset, trading and lending. N/A Initial investment
dfuse Platform Inc Massively scalable open-source platform for searching and processing blockchain data. N/A Initial investment
Dune Analytics N/A Initial investment
FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Series B Initial investment
Kadena LLC Developer of private distributed ledger technology. Initial Coin Offering
Kadena LLC Developer of private distributed ledger technology. Initial Coin Offering
Keep Network Developer of tBTC - a decentralized bridge to move Bitcoin onto Ethereum. N/A Initial investment
Manta Network N/A Initial investment
Math Global Co Ltd (MATH Wallet) N/A Initial investment
MCDEX N/A Initial investment
NEAR Foundation Open source platform that enables creators, communities, and markets to drive a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world. N/A Initial investment
Nervos Foundation Decentralized application platform that separates validation from computation to improve on-chain scalability. Series A AG N/A Initial investment
Perpetual Protocol On-chain decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) with highly efficient liquidity provisioning and up to 10x leverage for makers and takers. N/A Initial investment
Skale Blockchain scalability network. N/A Initial investment
Solana (SOL) N/A Initial investment
Spring Labs (Springcoin) Developer of a decentralized network for identity and credit. Seed
Swivel Finance Decentralized protocol for fixed-rate lending & interest-rate derivatives, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. N/A Initial investment

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