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Crypto-focused venture capital firm investing in early-stage private and public market ventures.

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Aldrin (RIN) Trading platform that mixes centralized and decentralized components. Private Round Initial investment
Antler Interactive AB N/A Initial investment
API3 Foundation API3 data feeds, dAPIs, aggregate data from first-party oracles, operated by some of the world’s premier API providers. N/A Initial investment
APY.Finance (APY) Finding the best, risk-adjusted yield for traders by fully automating crypto yield strategies. N/A Initial investment
Benqi Algorithmic liquidity market protocol on Avalanche. Venture Initial investment
BRIBE (BRIBE) Token ensuring the smooth governance of DAOs. Private Round Initial investment
Corite (CO) Blockchain platform where artists get funding, distribution and marketing support from backers and share their revenues when music is streamed. Private Round Initial investment
DaFi Protocol (DAFI) Private Round Initial investment
Hypersign Identity Token (HID) Cross-chain Identity protocol and Whitelisting solution powered by Polkadot & Ethereum. Private Round Initial investment
Manta Network N/A Initial investment
My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items. Private Round Initial investment
PolkaFoundry Platform for creating borderless and frictionless DeFi apps. Venture Initial investment
Qredo Ltd Cross-chain protocol for asset managers and traders active in the digital asset markets. N/A Initial investment
Sigmadex N/A Initial investment
Solice (SLC) Cross platform virtual reality metaverse on the Solana blockchain. Private Round Initial investment
Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) N/A Initial investment
Terra Virtua Ltd N/A Initial investment
The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) NFT Game on Polygon. Private Round Initial investment
The Kylin Project Oracle on Polkadot. N/A Initial investment
UNION N/A Initial investment
Web 3 API (Web3API) N/A Initial investment

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