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Operator of the first Car 2.0 mobility service (cars as a service), with a focus on the city-to-city travel experience.

Global advisory firm that specializes in building companies and infrastructure for the new token economy.

(TokenCard), (Monolith)
Ethereum-based banking alternative platform.

"Helping banks succeed in the digital age".

(Trane Ai)
TraneAi’s platform engages crowds to tag, store and model data, accelerating machine-learning and improving data accuracy.

Trustworthy and reliable intelligent autonomous systems.

State channel for NEO and ETH.

New technology that allows the trade of security tokens in an easy, compliant, and user-friendly manner.

"India's leading bitcoin company".

Cloud based money platform for moving, converting, transacting, and holding money or commodities.

Staking marketplace that connects stakeholders of stake-based networks with validators.

Non-profit research institution focusing on Blockchain technology, funded by CHina Wanxiang Holdings.

Decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace.

Foundation nurturing cutting-edge applications for decentralized web software protocols.

Enterprise money transfer platform.

"World's most secure bitcoin wallet".

Privacy technology for blockchains.

High performance smart contract platform.

Decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem using smart contract technology.