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Protocol for the decentralised exchange of shares of tokenized vaults.

Cross-chain DeFi services for everyone.

Enabling the building decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO) on open-source infrastructure with governance plugins.

Layer 2 chain that was specifically deployed to supercharge the Ethereum smart contracts capabilities swiftly.

The governance token for the ARCX network allowing token holders to vote on expenditure from the treasury.

Platform providing metaverse Interoperability.

User-friendly decentralized crypto asset store in metaverse with a DPaaS (Decentralized Protocol as a Service) service architecture.

Decentralized data storage and delivery solutions.

X-reality metaverse merging together real and virtual worlds worldwide creating augmented reality layer.

Asset-backed stablecoin protocol and decentralised exchange stable asset liquidity pool built on Cardano.

Public blockchain-as-a-service platform that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt through the use of child chains.

Metaverse platform for mobile gaming tournaments.

Decentralised cross-chain oracle platform.

Scalable blockchain all-in-one solution for social game creators.

Ethereum-based mobile wallet to manage crypto assets and identity.

"The world's most open and adaptable framework for building Blockchain applications."

Play to earn role-playing game.

DeFi coverage aggregator that makes securing your DeFi assets against hacks as easy as possible.

Decentralized marketplace which makes exchanging goods and services in the metaverse as easy as possible.

Protocol that enables document and application storage forever.

Digital management of intellectuall property.

Polkadot-native dApp hub supporting Ethereum, WebAssembly, dApp Staking, and Layer2 solutions.

Securing over-the-air updates for IoT vendors.

(Async Art)
Programmable art platform.

Cryptocurrency based on SegWit and Lightning Network, designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

Empowering people to bank each other.

Universal base-level blockchain protocol for the travel industry.

Digital currency for the music Industry.

Decentralized audio distribution, attribution, and monetization.

Accessible, low-fee, no-limit betting platform for sports, economics, world events and more.

Bridge and EVM scaling solution for Ethereum.

"Record breaking play-2-earn game on the Solana blockchain."

Privacy middleware for dApps on Web3.

Open-source platform for launching highly decentralised applications, new financial primitives, and new interoperable blockchains.

Blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly dApps platform.

Interoperable token pools and fundraising, powered by the Avalanche blockchain

(Avanti Financial Group)
Wyoming bank formed to serve as a compliant bridge between digital assets and the U.S. dollar payments system.

Decentralised interoperability fabric that bridges multiple blockchain platforms.

(BABB App)
Blockchain-powered banking venture aiming to end financial exclusion and promote economic empowerment.

Crypto financial service provider, providing professional crypto asset financial services .

Community owned and community managed funds.

Community governed NFT marketplace, blockchain gaming aggregator, auction house, and crowdfunding platform.

Financial services company offering bitcoin derivatives, custody, and a consumer wallet for digital assets.

Non-custodial portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor.

Decentralized trading protocol, empowering traders, liquidity providers and developers to participate in an open financial marketplace.

Cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts.

Cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts.

Cross-chain unsecured lending system.

Cross-chain smart token swap, unsecured credit lending, liquidity pool.

Digital bank for the blockchain era.

Blockchain banking platform enabling you to buy, sell, store and lend digital assets simply and securely.

Universal decentralised cryptocurrency exchange powered by atomic swaps.

New token to value user attention on the Internet.

Stablecoin with an algorithmic central bank.

Decentralised and innovative DAO gaming platform.

Multichain play to earn metaverse.

Public network of interconnected message boards.

(Blockchain Monster Hunt)
Developer of the Blockchain Monster Hunt game and metaverse.

Blockchain Terminal institutional-grade cryptocurrency trading platform.

Confidential cryptocurrency and DeFi platform.

Coin based on the MTV cartoon "Beavis and Butthead"