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Token angel fund.

Global cryptocurrency fund, investing in and managing a portfolio of diversified digital assets.

Multi strategy cryptoasset fund.

Multi-cryptoasset portfolio manager in Canada with principal registrations in Ontario and Quebec.

Investment manager and financial services firm focused on decentralized technology and digital assets.

DeFi community based crypto asset venture fund.

Digital investment company focused on helping blockchain companies to successfully raise funds, commercialize solutions and reach successful exits.

Decentralised buy-and-build blockchain technology venture capital firm.

Venture firm providing capital globally to early stage blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tokenized digital assets.

Early stage venture capital firm.

Investment firm focusing on the blockchain and finance market.

(Alpha Impact Ventures)
Venture capital firm with a focus on early stage fintech and healthtech companies.

(Ai-Coin), (AI Coin)
Trading and investment company where decisions about profit building strategies are controlled by token holders.

Washington, DC-based financial services company that specialises in blockchain market intelligence, consulting, and investment.

(Alphabit Fund)
Actively managed cryptocurrency and digital asset investment fund.

Hedge fund management company focused in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Early stage venture capital firm in the blockchain iondustry.

Quant cryptocurrency asset management firm, operating investment strategies through automated computational models 24/7.

Cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Trading, advisory and asset management firm specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Crypto finance service provider that provides liquidity provision, trading, and asset management services.

Cryptocurrency investment firm focused.

(a16z), (AH Capital Management LLC)
Venture capital firm founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz

Venture Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Venture capital fund founded by Geoffrey Woo and Jake Paul.

USD 100 million cryptocurrency hedge fund denominated in XRP, the digital currency developed by enterprise blockchain global payments company Ripple.

Private investment firm focusing solely on the digital asset industry.

"The first ever closed-end fund backed by the latest advances in deep learning."

Blockchain technology incubator, focusing on pre-ICO projects and teams.

Hedge fund focused on the intersection of the emerging cryptoassets and blockchain ecosystem and traditional economy.

Blockchain-focused venture capital firm.

Boutique crypto-agency advisory and investment firm.

Venture capital fund with a focus on blockchain enabled technologies.

Hedge fund focused on large cap cryptocurrencies.