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Digital platform that that unifies complex data systems in order to help customers engage with users.

Liquidity aggregator connecting multiple decentralized exchanges.

(51信用卡), (U51.com)
Credit card management app.

Provider of secure online payment platform services to facilitate financial transactions and e-commerce in China.

Open source and non-custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets.

(Atom Asset Exchange)
Cryptocurrency exchange offering spot, futures and savings products across a wide variety of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Provider of AI solutions for the financial services sector.

Cryptocurrency exchange.

(Acala Network)
All-in-one DeFi platform to help you stake, swap, borrow, lend, earn, and more – all with micro gas fees.

(Accelerant Insurance)
Data-driven risk exchange connecting specialty underwriters with risk capital.

Provider of a robo advisory service that allows individuals to round up their purchases and automatically invest the change.

Payday lender that doesn’t charge interest on the cash that it fronts to customers but relies on small voluntary fees.

Platform that provides instant, zero-fee transfers to Africans at home and in the diaspora.

Financial technology company that offers integrated solutions for cross-border payments.

First digital health insurance company in France.

Developer of synthetic protocol for highly flexible instant loans that repay themselves over time.

Digital currency exchange operated by Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp.

Digital bank with businness relatinship managers.

Nashville-based platform that lets individual investors add alternative assets to their IRAs.

Helping clients access liquidity, earn yield, and manage risk across crypto-assets.

Investment platform to allow individuals to invest in private equity funds without requiring them to have a ridiculously high net worth.

Full-service finance platform for SaaS.

Digital insurance broker for startups.

Empowering people to bank each other.

UK’s first bank built exclusively for smartphones and tablets.

(Avanti Financial Group)
Wyoming bank formed to serve as a compliant bridge between digital assets and the U.S. dollar payments system.

Artificial intelligence service for corporates.

Online international money transfer platform designed to provide a better way to transfer money around the world.

(BABB App)
Blockchain-powered banking venture aiming to end financial exclusion and promote economic empowerment.

Community owned and community managed funds.

Developer of an omni-channel banking platform.

Non-custodial portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor.

Blockchain banking platform enabling you to buy, sell, store and lend digital assets simply and securely.

Universal decentralised cryptocurrency exchange powered by atomic swaps.

Stablecoin with an algorithmic central bank.

Blockchain Terminal institutional-grade cryptocurrency trading platform.

Accounts payable automation solution that helps companies eliminate paperwork and reduce invoice processing costs.

Suite of DeFi products to make crypto banking simple.

Fintech company that automates accounting tasks.

Online finance management service that simplifies the way businesses manage bills, invoices and other important documents.

Billie helps small businesses get access to working capital by allowing them to finance against open invoices.

Developer of state-of-the-art products and services designed to simplify the billing process.