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Financing marketplace that helps SMEs find, compare, and close on the right financing solution.

Software for investment advisors.

Accoint aggregation and personal financial help.

Provider of virtual data rooms and platform for secure document sharing.

Smart contract startup that enables derivatives to be tokenised on any major blockchain.

Next generation on-line trading platform in both passive (robo-advisor) and active (thematic investment) asset managements.

Distributed derivatives trading platform.

Cloud-based API connectivity for fixed income and derivative markets trading venues.

HandEX facilitates and integrates the issuance of export loans and export insurance covers, including guarantees issued by the German government.

Platform for tokenized securities that automates regulatory compliance.

Regulatory, technology and consulting company.

Home insurance for the modern household.

Digital banking solution and payment institution for European entrepreneurs, sole traders and business owners.

SME and personal credit ratings driven by big daya technology.

Data science, credit scoring and digital finance company that is pioneering fintech innovation in emerging markets.

Distributed real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Artificial intelligence powered matching engine enabling startups and fund managers to connect with the right investors.

Developer of a mobile app that helps small businesses manage cash flow through easy-to-use invoicing, expense tracking and simple reporting tools.

The first full-service payment gateway focusing on the Turkish market offering vendors a fast and easy way to receive payments online.

Creator of a personal finance manager website designed and tailored to older people to protect them from financial abuse and fraud.

New kind of financial company that helps baby boomers embrace modern retirement.