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Provider of a cross border payments platform.

Debit card with an app affording instant cash access, traditional banking service benefits, and also allowing consumers to dispose of goods for resale

Technology data platform with focus on financial data analysis and aggregation for credit assessment and personal finance.

Interoperable protocol built to facilitate the creation of next-gen financial products.

The next-generation financial advisor.

Developer of a mobile app for the management of personal and business finances.

Independent technology platform enabling financial services in China.

(PiPiT Global)
Online B2B platform that powers international cash transactions.

Company payment card solution that automates expense reports and simplifies company spending.

Lending marketplace and digital insurer.

Global database of venture capital and private equity funds and deals.

Goals-based financial app that allows you to plan for your future without compromising your present.

Multi-jurisdictional trade and transaction reporting platform.

Service that allows the sharing economy’s users to unlock their data for insurers.

Next generation automated online investment platform in Germany.

Commercial real estate analytics firm.

(Restricted Stock Partners Inc)
Largest marketplace for trading illiquid assets such as restricted securities in public companies, auction-rate securities, bankruptcy claims and priv

(LU.com), (陆金所), (上海陆家嘴国际金融资产交易市场股份有限公司)
Online marketplace for trading financial assets.

Mobile bank dedicated to freelancers and independent workers.

Developer of artificial intelligence technology for banks.

Software platform for finance professionals.

Simplesurance's platform allows cross selling of product insurance directly at the point of sale in EU.