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Goals-based financial app that allows you to plan for your future without compromising your present.

Data platform providing connectivity to consumer financial accounts.

Developer of distributed software and enterprise technology for capital markets, financial services and other regulated industries.

Multi-jurisdictional trade and transaction reporting platform.

Service that allows the sharing economy’s users to unlock their data for insurers.

Provider of financial settlement solutions.

Commercial real estate analytics firm.

(Restricted Stock Partners Inc)
Largest marketplace for trading illiquid assets such as restricted securities in public companies, auction-rate securities, bankruptcy claims and priv

(LU.com), (陆金所), (上海陆家嘴国际金融资产交易市场股份有限公司)
Online marketplace for trading financial assets.

Mobile bank dedicated to freelancers and independent workers.

Lending platform that helps people reach financial independence.

Identity verification software for banks, fintechs, gaming companies and crypto exchanges.

Banking platform that lets companies offer their own financial products.

Effortlessly consolidate all your data in one place for cost-effective compliance.

Provider of financial services for teens and families.

Payment processing system that allows sellers to process payments using smart devices.

Secure team collaboration platform that transforms the way users communicate effectively and securely with a single workflow application.

Dynamic discounting SaaS platform company for accounts payable and treasurers.

Provider of distributed spend management software.

Bringing mobile authentication and data intelligence to the financial industry.

Singapore-based blockchain company that makes cryptocurrencies instantly spendable anytime anywhere.

Blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-​stable global payments systems.

Payments automation platform designed to remit cross boarder payments through API.

Software for a ‘bank-out-of-the-box’ run fully in the cloud.

Financial markets data lake platform.

New type of banking service for small businesses and freelancers.