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AI software to streamline business operations in sectors including insurance, banking and logistics.

Robotics and AI company creating state-of-the-art companion robots to revolutionize human-centric care and wellness.

Developer of machine learning algorithmic tools for analysing medical data.

Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence in the fields of life extension and the prevention of age-related diseases.

Developer of a natural language product for financial research.

Paris-based maker of artificial intelligence middleware.

Collaborative data training platform that creates and manages labeled data for machine learning applications.

Artificial Intelligent Math tutor platform that teaches students by providing seamless interaction and personalized experience. 

Developer of an AI-driven platform for primary care.

Image-based technology that provides smarter image analytics for brand intelligence.

MIT spinoff company developping self-driving technologies.

computer vision solutions for cargo ships

Automatic analysis of clinical data to improve profitability and dental patient care.

(Growth Intelligence)
Software provider offering businesses inbound marketing tools to help predict their next customers.