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Specialised AI in language generation for marketing copy.

Melbourne-based machine learning service that automatically fills out online forms for consumers.

AI meeting assistant that enables you to actively listen and participate in conversations without stopping to take notes.

Provider of contract discovery, data extraction and analytics.

AI enabled Customer Success Platform built to optimize upsell opportunities.

Developer of intelligent solutions for medical diagnosis using state of the art machine learning techniques.

Developer of artificial intelligence technology for banks.

Decentralised organisation governing DynaSets (diversified baskets of crypto assets managed by AI).

Developer of an AI-powered “smart assistant” for salespeople.

Conversational voice chatbot for incoming and outgoing calls able to built narration and identify the context of the conversation.

Provider of online mental health tools for college students who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Technology company leveraging advances in natural language processing, cognitive computing, and machine learning to provide actionable insights.

Computer vision joint tracking for ergonomic assessments.

United Solutions is a progressive digital transformation company that is deeply committed to the pursuit of continuous innovation.

Online lending marketplace that provides personal loans using predictive models to determine creditworthiness of borrowers.

Machine learning driven root cause analysis and proactive incident detection.

Developer of AI software dedicated to the insurance distribution.