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(Trane Ai)
TraneAi’s platform engages crowds to tag, store and model data, accelerating machine-learning and improving data accuracy.

Developer of Xand, a B2B payments platform bringing blockchain tech to legacy financial systems to make payments more efficient, secure, and accurate.

Trustworthy and reliable intelligent autonomous systems.

State channel for NEO and ETH.

Decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors.

Decentralized and incentivized social networking protocol.

New technology that allows the trade of security tokens in an easy, compliant, and user-friendly manner.

Permissionless decentralised protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending & borrowing services through smart contracts.

Decentralized protocol for trading and providing liquidity in any tokens on Ethereum.

"India's leading bitcoin company".

Bridging the gap between risk investors, insurance protocols and reinsurance with our all new, revolutionary risk sharing model.

Decentralised insurance protocol on Ethereum that aims to offer the widest coverage with the lowest rates.

All-in-one trading ecosystem for trading crypto, DeFi, forex and commodities, manually or with bots.

Cloud based money platform for moving, converting, transacting, and holding money or commodities.

Protocol that pays experts for honest insights – enabling real-time NFT appraisals.

Open source, smart contract-based stablecoin.

Protocol for creating and trading derivatives on a fully decentralized network.

Digital identity verifiable with blockchain.

Staking marketplace that connects stakeholders of stake-based networks with validators.

Non-profit research institution focusing on Blockchain technology, funded by CHina Wanxiang Holdings.

Decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace.

Foundation nurturing cutting-edge applications for decentralized web software protocols.

Enterprise money transfer platform.

X Predict Market is a decentralized cross-chain prediction platform.

"World's most secure bitcoin wallet".

Cryptocurrency exchange.

Fixed-rate borrowing and lending on Ethereum.

Open source platform allowing anybody to create and execute yield farming & trading strategies on the Ethereum Defi ecosystem.

The world's first DeFi suite on Algorand.

Cryptocurrency exchange.

Social and fun way to bid on the future price of crypto.

Manage your DeFi assets and liabilities in one simple interface.

Enabling consumer applications to integrate digital payments with a seamless user experience to power digital economies.

Blockchain for prediction markets and futarchy.