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Provider of AI solutions for the financial services sector.

Full stack software company delivering artificial intelligence based software for self-driving cars.

Use of entertainment platforms and rich closed-loop interactions to provide a training platform for humans and AI agents to collaborate.

(Ai-Coin), (AI Coin)
Trading and investment company where decisions about profit building strategies are controlled by token holders.

Provider of artificial intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of radiologist diagnostic power.

Artificial intelligence startup focused on detecting and processing images on mobile devices.

Algorithmia operates an algorithm marketplace and offers PaaS solutions to enterprises.

Developer of cloud-based analytics solutions to help businesses draw actionable insights from text on a massive scale.

Provider of cloud-based planning, forecasting, and analytics solutions for analysts, managers, and executives

Provider of language solutions such as online and offline single-click dictionary and translation software, translation services, language learning.

Developer of voice-driven emotions analytics.

Artificial intelligence startup developing a universally applicable and easily adaptable AI solution.

Provider of a cloud marketing platform that maximizes online revenue by getting the most relevant products and services found on any platform.

Digital supply chain platform and solutions for every move, mode and mile.

Artificial intelligence platform for financial institutions.

Bonsai tools empower users to develop deep reinforcement learning models that can significantly improve the operations of complex industrial systems.

CryptoNumerics helps organizations to use data to gain insights while overcoming privacy and data residency issues.

Digital leadership coaching platform that leverages AI to provide in-the-moment feedback and management coaching within the enterprise.

Unified education platform for learning and collaboration.

Developer of an AI-based energy management platform for e-mobility applications.

AI software to streamline business operations in sectors including insurance, banking and logistics.